A report

Dear students,
Write a report of between 120-140 words  about binge drinking (GALICIA 2009)
Your Parent Teacher Association from the local school is worried about binge drinking in the town. They want to know how the problem is dealt with in other places and they hasve asked foreign residents about the situation in their countries of origin. Write a report summarizing your findings, provide suggestions and reach a conclusion too.
You must write at least about two of the following ideas:
• A description of the situation in your home country, highlighting the most significant aspects.
• Mention possible causes and propose measures to improve the situation.
• Make predictions about the consequences of this problem.

Here are two examples:
Report 1
Report 2


Alternatives to if in conditional clauses

Hi everyone,
1. Have a look at this website where there are examples of conditional clauses without the word if.
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